Newest Man Crush from Latvia: Wlad Shatrowsky

I only posted a very few crushes of mine in this blog, for instance, my admiration for Leandro Okabe was just recently considered to be a 'classic' taste -- as it has been more than 10 years since I posted about him and never heard from him anywhere in the internetz since.

I stumbled upon the Facebook page of Mister Global that was recently concluded in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I was mesmerized and starstruck with this guy, from Latvia, named Wlad Shatrowsky.  He may not won the pageant but he won our hearts and our minds.

Prepare you eyes for a feast:

(Photos grabbed from Mister Global 2017 Facebook Page)

Meet Wlad Shatrowsky.

According to my sources, Wlad is in his early 20's and a creative and art director of his own company doing performance art, aside from being a model. He speaks Latvian, Russian and English, and a native of Riga. He is currently a student of ISMA University. During his free time, he plays sports and does a little bit of photography. Looks, brains, talent, package - he is everything! 

Check out his Instagram and Twitter - I am sure you will be a follower when you see him on social media. He has this charm and charisma you just can't resist. He is also a "fitspiration" (fit+inspiration) to a few people, as based on his Instagram, he used to be a big boy before he successfully chiseled his body to perfection.

From Wlad Shatrowsky's Instagram

Scroll down for more pictures of Wlad Shatrowsky:

That look. Oh Wlad!

That smile..

We see a great future ahead of you, Wlad - keep rocking! 
Me and my blog will be on alert for more of your career and success!

Twitter and Instagram: wladshatrowsky