Housemate Rants

For almost one year of living with two old drunkards, we finally decided to leave and find housing that is not owned by our company. It is really a pain in the ass to live with countless night parties and drinking sprees happening just outside your room. When I say parties, it is complete with loud music, rowdy people, and unwanted mess that comes with it.

I wanted our moving out to be as peaceful and quiet as possible, but you two leave me no choice. I had to react the best way possible - by blogging it!

I am very surprised to know that you find us irritating to be with, because according to what reached me, you said, and I quote "we keep the house messy at all times".

With the way I described you in the first paragraph, don't you guys think it could be you who keeps things messy? You organise countless get togethers in the house, in which we also pay, without our consent. You could have asked us or inform us prior to your event. You have seen me and my partner clean the whole house whenever we can, even do deep cleaning of the kitchen which is disgusting as per my standards. We are tired of cleaning the house to be honest, because it gets messy once you touch what we have cleaned.

During your parties, we only stay in our room most of the time - we seldom mingle with all of you.

Second, we also heard that we are difficult to live with. What makes us unbearable to take as housemates? My rule of thumb in life is, if you don't have anything good to say, just shut up. So my apologies if we keep mum everytime we encounter you in the hall, because we have nothing to say, and we are not being snobbish.

I am tired of acting plastic towards the both of you.

Almost one year of living with the two of you is enough. We are moving on, so please, don't make us look awful to the eyes of everyone in the company, because between you and us, we are highly urbanised people.

Good day.