INSIGHT: Independent Cruise Excursions for a First Timer


So you've heard a lot of stories from your friends who just came back from their cruise excursion trips abroad and every time you hear one story from one port of call to another, you can't help but wonder how and what did they do to have visit so many countries in just a few days?

There are lots of ways to book your cruise excursions, the only question is, will it be reliable if I do it independently with a another company that does the booking and other pertinent works for you? What to expect with these independent companies online? Lastly, is it really value for money?

Booking a shore excursion yourself these days is as easy as counting for 1 to 3. There are several reliable online booking websites for cruise excursions that offers tours per country or per port of call at cheaper costs. Yes it is very reliable to book your first trip with these independent cruise excursion providers. I had mine done and fixed by the wonderful team of and I am telling you, they know the business very well.

In each port of call, the independent cruise provider I had before gave me countless local connections to each destination booked in my itinerary. I never thought travelling can be this personalised, everything went well and felt like I'm family.

Personal touch, choice of itinerary, and friendly service to each port of call - this is what to expect of these independent cruise providers.

Value for Money. Money does not grow on trees, and the reason why these independent cruise providers exist is the very same reason why you saved your hard-earned money for your cruise: to get the most value out of your paid itinerary. Did I mention earlier how personalised these independent shore excursions can become? Like, they have hundreds of connections from each destination of choice, each travel guide is a local, who benefits from our booked excursions. This is value for us because we get the personalised service we deserve and we help these local guides become their best self in the long run. They have jobs because of us.

Independent cruise excursion providers is now the cheapest and the fastest way to book yourself a well-deserved holiday, with just a fraction of cost and a fraction of your time. Give it a try.

So the next time you and your friends discuss about your journeys on these cruise excursion trips, you, you will definitely have something to tell them, and that yours is as fun as theirs.