Tokyo Sushi Academy is now in the Philippines!

It is with great joy that I announce this great news I got from my mail box this morning. Being a fan of sushi and all things Japanese (well, for food mostly), I was happy to know that making authentic sushi in a local culinary school with an authentic sushi school sensei is now a reality in the Philippines!

Moderne Culinaire Academy located in Fort Bonifacio Taguig City, a state of the art culinary school in the Philippines has partnered with Japan's Tokyo Sushi Academy to offer the Authentic Sushi Program which runs for 10-days starting November 24, 2014.

I have seen a lot of respected Filipino chefs who makes sushi but for my taste it needs improvement or at least a fine tuning. I make sushi myself but it took me an hour to learn the knife handling itself. I'm telling you, it is more than what we know. This course is heaven-sent for culinary students and professional workers who wants to master the art of making sushi - and make a living out of it either locally or abroad!

The course is really expensive when you take this course in Japan, it would cost about Php 150,000.00 on the course alone, not to add the living and ticket expenses.

The very good thing in this local partnership, the course fee in the Philippines is only at Php 70,000.00 for 10 days, that's 7,000 pesos per day, inclusive of knives, uniform, and ingredients, not to mention, certificates from Tokyo Sushi Academy coming from Japan! Now that is definitely a steal, and a skill to add up to your present repertoire.

Here's the marketing video of the Sushi Course in the Philippines.

To know more about this program, you can call Moderne Culinaire Academy at 0917-700- COOK (2665).