Linger More


Its been since I met my dream guy and my one true love for the first time. We broke up on the third month, and our friendship and sweetness to each other stays. Most people would ask me if it is worth staying for? I only said, if we are truly for each other well then good, as I have great aspirations for the two of us, if not, since he is going to be my last true love, I will stay single until I die, no commitments, no flings, na da, zip.

So its been six months, we are in this state called MU (Mutual Understanding) - and I remain faithful to him, and he still gets offers of courtship from others. I still get jelly at times, but my confidence exudes big time when it comes to what we have. I am confident he will be back in my arms for good, as my one true husband, my one true everlasting love.

Universe, you hear me? Help me get it all for him.