Its Been A Month

I am thankful for the universe for keeping me alive and well since me and my hubby had a break up. We are good friends as we speak, but still, the past mishaps I've done to make him decide to leave me haunts me and makes me sad to the core.

I prayed and asked the heavens for him, the universe gave me this beautiful person inside and out, but my personal things like jealousy and mistrust made him go away. I failed in keeping him for long, just three and a half months.

He was given to me and taken away from me in an instant.

Now, its been a month, earlier I messaged him that "I still do, and nothing has changed". If I have to give the universe to this person, I would - just to get him back. I am happy with our current situation as good friends, I told the universe my plea - actually everyday, that I will win my true love back, no matter how hard and how long this will take. Only God knows.

I am ready to take this challenge and I will prove my humble heart is pure for you.

I will now embrace this reality and see where this goes.

Because, I still do.