How fast should I recover this time? I know I haven't yet. Today I just realized my efforts are all put to the deepest dumps. Energies all wasted. 

As proven today, that the world is indeed small. Ten days is what it takes. And a chef friend of mine who happens to live by the area was surprised to know that we already broke up.

I already accepted the fact, the reality, but what hurts my bruised ego is the countless times I made this person feel important and respected, that this person is loved and cared for, just to boost the confidence and the person itself.

I have been to this person's situation before back in college, and I did constructive things to help me feel my self-worth.

Sad to say, I tried to save this person from those scenarios. All wasted in a blink of an eye.

No more of this in the future, I know there will be far more deserving. For now I am giving it all to the One up above and to the universe, I know he has good plans in the coming bright future.

Now accepting the present situation, from there I will start on my own.