Hope Springs Eternal

Its been five days since my partner asked me for space. Yes, space. A break.

For the past five days I was surprised at how things turned out so fast. Between the two of us, he is faster to move on. I am honestly still coping with the decision and how badly I was destroyed to the core. I have no other choice but to keep moving and make myself better in my career and as person, until my partner sees himself and finds himself - and until he sees the old me that he fell in love with.

I believe this is just a phase we have to take in our relationship, as our actions, especially my actions, has been too much to handle. The space we provided ourselves will help us grow as individuals. I will respect that. Glad that we are friends and gym buddies for now, at least I still get to see my love of my life every now and then.

I am hopeful, I am determined, and I wont just give up on us. We will be stronger the next time we start again, better, and much more meaningful than the last.

Universe, guide us. More importantly, guide him and shower him with blessings,

I still believe.