Bringing It All Back

Ever since I surpassed more than 220 pounds on my weight a few years back, and realized that I no longer look and feel healthy, I decided to go on a strict diet - so I finally said goodbye to high sodium foods, sweets, fatty meats, oily foods. I decided to watch what I eat and ensure my nutritional needs are met at the same time by eating more fiber rich foods, fruits, vegetables, and fish. After two months, I lost 15 pounds just on adjusting my food intake, by replacing my usual food with healthier choices. 

 When my skin started to sag, I decided to go to the gym and do some physical exercises. That was the time when my weight loss went on a plateau and when my physician and fitness experts suggested to make my metabolism faster. This is also where I started using post workout supplements to help maintain the metabolism fast even when I'm not doing my rigorous workouts. 

Its been 9 years, and now at 165 pounds at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor. All that sacrifice and hard work paid off. The sag skin from my waist are all gone (except for a few stretch marks) and my metabolism normalized. 

It all started from making that choice on day one and maintaining it through the rest of your life. That is how you do it! Its all about making that final decision in your life, and most importantly, keeping and maintaining the things you achieved from that right choice.

I am still taking up my supplements to date to ensure that all that I've done in the past to change my lifestyle and my figures remains and stays for the rest of my life.