Spicy Tongue - Bicolano Cuisine at its finest!

I love coconut milk in my food - and thank God my country is blessed with millions of coconut trees, that bears the ever versatile fruit, the coconut (wait, I'm not sure if its even a fruit LOL). I must say, every dish creamed and drizzled with coconut cream or milk is worthy of being called "comfort food", in my own terms. 

The stress of working in the kitchen is really challenging, and comfort food is my best friend. It is my way of pampering my soul - with friends and below-zero beer of course. And thank heavens, my friend and former colleague Norman San Vicente built his humble yet unique resto-bar in Timog Avenue years ago called the "Spicy Tongue"

I am a big fan of Spicy Tongue these days (FYI: I have Bicolano blood, thus I eat "sili"), as this is close to San Juan where I am working. Second, I love the relaxed and laid-back nightlife of Timog Avenue in Quezon City. Spicy Tongue's cozy interior is perfectly conducive to the Bicolano dishes they serve. 

When you come for a beer or two at Spicy Tongue, don't forget to try their signature dish called "Kinunot" (stingray, coconut cream, ginger, and malunggay leaves) and their version of "Kinalas" (egg noodles, broth, and pulled pork). They also have the "Laing" or "Natong" (taro leaves, pork, and coconut milk) - I am telling you, this is not your regular Laing. 

Natong - not your usual Laing

Kinunot - made from stingray, considered an aphrodisiac, is abundant in Spicy Tongue

I must say their Bicolano dishes, truly represents Bicol region's food and uniqueness. Spicy Tongue is a must-try and an eye-opener for a more-than-the-usual "gata" or "ginataan" (coconut creamed) food. As a chef, I must say they truly represent its region's true Bicolano Cuisine.

With the proud owner himself, Norman San Vicente

Writing this blog post makes me salivate at the moment, I am coming back for more Spicy Tongue experience :)

Spicy Tongue is a resto-bar located at Unit 1 25K Mansion #45 Scout Tuazon corner Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

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