There It Goes


I am thankful that right now, The Hobbit is now showing - and that whatever happens, my LOTR geekiness is my top priority. As we speak, I am having an LOTR marathon before I see the movie in a few hours.

One thing though, a really timely message arrived in my inbox from the person I am dating now. It says there, that he is not ready for a relationship, and he is currently dating non-exclusively. There are other things, which is quite remarkable as it was said in a straightforward fashion. I like that.

I realized how my approach in dating has caused quite a stir - I treated him like a king, well, in my own specifications. Everything was real, no pretentions at all. That is how I've always been. It was a month's worth of dating two other guys before I met this special person, who just blurted out his feelings. I was apologetic for making him feel like that, and for the relationship vibe I gave him.

I'd say, I'm proud it worked even for just a short time. I'm a romantic I admit it. I hope I didn't scare him off with my comments over the past few days. At the end of the conversation, I made it clear, that I am not in the position to push other people to have a relationship with me as it can cause complications, second, I made it clear that knowing him for the past few days is a gratifying experience, and lastly, I gained a very special friend. So there, it wasn't bad at all. I treat him extra special, and he also treats me the same. No regrets, that is part of life. At least now we know our boundaries.

I haven't been honest with the whole text conversation, for I did consider him as an exclusive date. A lot of you reading my blog, knows, I don't play around (except for the last month) with my dates. I rarely date even before. I believe that life is a one time offer, and one must use it well.

I am hoping that we'd stay friends, buddies, or a non-exclusive date (watch movies, there are a few promising films I'd like to see for coming months). If he goes away, I'll be fine, I'll focus on what I have for now, after all, I am still learning things from the love department. I am hoping, that when the time he is ready, if given the chance by destiny, I am still free. I know I will be free after this, I seldom meet truly remarkable guys like him, I will probably stay single for who knows how long.

It is indeed a crazy world out there. Insane.