Hibernation Over

I am writing this post because I am inspired. The five-year hiatus from taking risk in the department I dread the most for so long, is over. Five years ago was so different from what it is today. 

Right now, I'm so buffed emotionally and intellectually, that no matter what happens from this life-changing thing I am experiencing right now, as we speak, I am ready. 

Life is all about taking risks - and caring for your loved-ones and yourself is all about. When I say loved ones, that includes the person you care about the most, the person who you feel will join you in embarking your personal missions in life, battling the odds, defying distances, and at the end of it will share the happiness you both deserve. 

Crazy as it may sound, but right now, my heart and my mind is closely working in harmony. Whatever the results are, I am still on the right track towards achieving my dreams. 

If you are reading this (I'm sure you are *wink), let it be known that little by little, I am visualizing my future in several modes, which all leads to one thing: pure, unadulterated happiness.

It was the best seven days - and oh, 18 hours. Thank you for coming to my life.