And So I Thought

I thought that it was a great decision to work up North. Well, turns out, the people I used to work with before during one of my internships will be as supportive as before. I was wrong - not all of them though.

The first question that came out of their mouth, when they learned that I wanted to work with them was "Why here?"

I answered back, "Why? Did I made the right choice?"

No answer from my follow up question - and their silence spoke to me slowly, blurting out each word in a clear manner over the course of 10 days.

With choices, comes consequences, and now I understood one thing: crab mentality is all over this area, and the people you work closely will NEVER be happy with your past achievements. I am a team player, but I don't agree being played and toyed along with their personal interests. I am way better than that.

It looks like I will be coming back to my comfort zone sooner than I think. Let's see where this goes - anyway, I am just waiting for the bigger break on May. I am just looking for something to do during the 6 month wait.