The Love Train Comeback


Dear Universe, let it be known that my dreams are slowly getting into place, little by little. I was not informed that these dreams may come with surprising and exciting possibilities a person like myself might experience.

I just had the most memorable experience here in the northern part of the country, and that is to land a job in three days. Second, is to find the guy of your dreams, and actually fell for him in also, three days.

It all started with a message, asking me to give my number - because he is asking for a relationship.

I declined - but it felt bad when I sent the reply, because it was a rude one. So I retracted a bit and said I will give it a try when I get back. He seemed sincere with his intentions.

When I met him last Sunday, my gut feel was right. I took the risk yet it felt good. The whole Sunday introductory session was a blast, he is the rare type of guy who is really in touch with his emotions and sees having a realtionship as way more than sex and intimacy. He is also a guy who is very intelligent and well-educated. His looks are just a bonus. He was like the complete package with my very own chosen specifications.

He is not an easy guy to handle, he also has baggages. For the past three days, I decided to open up to him and expressed my intention to take care of all his baggage, unpack and unload it - until he is ready again.

The details of his past relationship is really tricky, and it seems that he is still into his last flame, who broke his heart so much. Lucky for him, I have the patience of a rock and compassion of a mother. I just don't know how I can make this work, but our friendship so far is a work in progress.

So Universe, I would like to tell you this: I am taking the challenge, and somehow, make the most out of our talking sessions. Guide me, and deliver us from negative vibes.