Generation Gone Berserk

I am not going to post something or related to the Santolan Station incident versus a lady guard who is just doing her job and an apathetic and narcissistic girl who has gone ballistic, recorded on video by a passerby, that actually went viral amongst netizens, also known as the AMALAYER scandal.

Okay, I said I will not post something about it, but hey, I just did. The incident was a clear picture of how our younger generation in the Philippines has gone nuts about everything in their public eye. Have we really lost our composure and acting gracefully in times of hurt and frustration? The girl could have done it with taste - or should I say, with proper pronunciation? Kidding, I mean, she could have thought of her actions many times, in a speed of light, prior to reacting to the stimulus given by the lady guard, in form of arm grabbing, as per AMALAYER girl - like I said, composure in public. 

Treat your daily commuting routine or travelling to work or anywhere as your beauty pageant stage. Call your Mondays "Miss Earth" day, your Tuesdays "Miss International" day, your Wednesdays "Miss World", your Thursdays "Miss Top Model of the World" day, and your Fridays "Miss Universe" day - it will be a creative way of making your day at peace and glamorous. It is just a tip, and it will definitely give a smile on your face, and will keep you in composure and grace.

Remember, the public eye, once it sets their attention on you, whatever may the reason be, they will always be judgmental towards you. And yes, it can be harsh, given the perfect time and place.

To the younger generation, RESPECT is the key - learn how to be humble, humility pays loads, don't think of yourself highly, keep it at a norm please.