Do You Really Need To Be A Diva?

It was a long day today.

I was sitting for hours waiting for my turn for a theater audition. a musical. Actually, I don't have concrete plans of doing this, but for the sake of "trying different random stuff and things to do before you die", yes I did it.

I didn't make it, but it was worth it!

I learned today, that in order for you to pass the auditions for a musical theater play, you must know the lines to the song of your choice BY HEART. Second, act like a Diva - like most of the theater artists (the pros) I was with while waiting for my turn.

They are sooo good, so is their diva attitude - when I say diva, I mean negative. They won't talk nor smirk at you unless they know you or you look soooo good.

My peg earlier was to just be a simple geeky looking person among the aspirants. Divas, again, HUMILITY and not being a SNOB when someone asks for an inquiry or help, from a PRO to a ROOKIE.

Divas, if you got a callback or not, still, keep your feet on the ground.