The Burden Makes Me Happy

I was lucky enough to experience the Iwahig Firefly Watching Tour, one of the community-based sustainable tourism (CBST) projects of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. in Puerto Princesa City.

It took us more than an hour to reach the Iwahig River, due to slight rainshowers and very low water levels. Still, we managed to reach this interesting ecotourism site.

Our boat ride was guided by JR, a boat man who speaks humbly about his knowledge of the site. I can feel his passion for his job, his pride of the place, and his enthusiasm to tell us about the fireflies' life in those mangrove trees. The life of these creatures are so delicate.

It was a relaxing experience - so relaxing, I literally bursted into tears, because I am most likely, going to market this project very soon along with other ecotourism projects we have. The experience moved me and inspired me to do more good things for all the CBST projects. I felt renewed after the trip.

I am looking forward to see Manila in the coming days, and utilize all mediums in marketing Palawan's CBST projects.

Thank you Iwahig. I will not stop - for the sake of the communities of our CBST projects and for Palawan.