Unimpeachable Sources?

And so I've read two articles from Philippine Star, Manila Times and Tribune, about NCIP chief's resignation from her post due to some undisclosed reasons. Other articles about this recent development did not cite their exact sources, which makes me think that there is something fishy.

It has been speculated that the chief's resignation is because of her disappointment over the recent signing of Pnoy's Mining EO.

And something fishy it is - the news is not yet confirmed, according to my very reliable source - as my source would say a BIG FALSEHOOD! LOL

Are there any fishy forces lurking around this unfounded development? Are these people willing to show themselves out in the open? Are these forces so desperate to destroy Chief Pawid, that they would resort to groundless articles published elsewhere?

Lastly, when will you guys stop in making bogus press statements and press releases? When will you stop looking for holes, particularly the Sabsaban Falls project in Brooke's Point, Palawan? Well, my sources said that some "fishy" persons went out to "fish" on site to look for evidences, using their trusty camcorders days ago, along with their bogus tribal chieftains who are in favor of mining the area - I wonder what else will you do?

I'm sorry to tell you this but my marketing efforts for the project will not stop. I repeat, IT WILL NOT STOP. I am actually going full swing ahead in the coming months so you fishy forces, better stay tuned!