Response letter on the accusations against our Ecotourism Project in Brooke's Point, Palawan

Dear Partners in Saving the Environment,

Please read the response of Ms. Gina Lopez on the accusations charged against our Ecotourism Project in Brooke's Point, Palawan. 

My dear colleagues,

As you know, there have been articles written against our Brooke's Point Eco-Academy Project in Palawan. I would just like to inform you that there is NO cease and desist order. In fact we just had our first management council meeting chaired by the mayor of Brookes Point. The council is membered by the Sanggunihan Bayan, the barangay captains of Ipilan and Aribungo, a member of the Church, an NGO representative serving the community near the area, academe (Palawan State University) and the president of the Tourism council of Brookes Point. 

A cease and desist is valid if there is danger to the environment or people's lives. In this case the project is hiring 49 forest rangers to guard the forest, benefitting 90 families, helping them with forest products. I question the motives of PCSD in their intentions. There is mining on top of the rice fields of Palawan and abandoned mine sites all over the island. Why have they not stopped these operations? Now they want to stop these operations which are benefitting the people?

The current crop of PCSD has totally lost its credibility to govern. They are even going against the very mandate they have been tasked with. They are using their authority to hit back (a case was filed against them in the ombudsman because of the degradation I saw with my own eyes while flying for 2 hours over Palawan). 

When governance like this is suspect - then the people's welfare is adversely affected. 

Gina Lopez