How True?

And the bad press for the project BK Eco Academy in Brooke's Point Palawan, an ecotourism project of the ABS-CBN Foundation Incorporated, hasn't stopped.

Guests from LGU of Brooke's Point joined the indigenous people of the project area in creating indigenous handicrafts. 
Photo by Kris Cadlaon

What's so good about these negative press printed in paper and over the net? All of them are already recycled, refurbished, and repackaged. Its been months, and still there are nothing new to write about it. Don't you think its time to research well, and actually be on the project site?

Well, this is my challenge to you - come to Brooke's Point, and I will gladly show you, the bashers in media, what the project really is about. So that you may write something that is actually backed by real facts, that you researched yourself, and not backed up by something much more bigger than you.