Hey Hey You!

Hey, you, yes you.

I would like to let you know, that there are still trees in the ecotourism project in Brooke's Point. The 37 trees (yes it is 37 and NOT 44 - with DENR permits issued to the LGU of course) were later replaced by 800 seedlings in the area, which by the way, happened over the duration of its operations. Lastly, let it be known, that Bantay Kalikasan, has supported its ecotourism efforts in Sabsaban Falls - and we aim to preserve the natural beauty of the area, by making it sustainable for the people which is by the way, bound to be mined.

Now, I challenge you to visit the site, and see with your own eyes, the 8 trees that felled over the past month due to strong winds - and there are hundreds more in the area, bound to fall. 

Nothing is distorted in our arguments, know your facts right.