Our Stand is their Stand

The project of ABS-CBN Foundation Inc. in Brooke's Point aims to not just provide sustainable community-based ecotourism but at the same time unite the people in the area that has been divided by branding, beliefs, and the mining companies.

It is our great privilege, to know, that the mayor of Brooke's Point Palawan, made a stand on these good efforts. Read excerpts of Miss Gina Lopez' FB post and the letter of the Mayor.

Mayor Leoncio of Brooke's Point said in his letter below:

Nevertheless, opposition will always be there. Some people will keep on obstructing good intentions for reasons we may never know. In spite of this, we urge Ms. Gina and the ABS-CBN Foundation to stay on with us and trust God. With gratefulness to her magnanimous heart, we are one with her in saying “We can do it!”