False Accusations About BK Eco Academy in Brooke's Point Palawan

Its been a month since my team launched the project of ABS-CBN Foundation Incorporated's Bantay Kalikasan named BK Eco Academy in Brooke's Point Palawan. We started by gathering all the necessary information and several consultations with the IP's surrounding the project site and the barangay councils.

After three months, it came to our knowledge that there are actually different factions of several IP groups. To make the long story short, the group, which we gave employment and opportunity to work in the project and the project itself is now being lambasted by rumors and false accusations like prohibiting the IP's from washing their clothes, taking a bath, getting water etc.

Why now? When the government has been actively improving the place even before the project team arrived to help the government?

It just hurts to know that these people accusing the project of so many things didn't get their facts right. They only want to get the group of IP's (in which they have a bad history) out of the project. Sorry, but these people went thru a process before they got in. And in fairness to them, between the bashers and these employed people, they already had developments when it comes to education and community service - what have you done to improve yourselves?

If crab mentality can make these people rich, they could have built themselves an ecotourism site. Energies spent on wrong things.