Why 11?

Since we discovered an anomaly in one of our site development areas, I felt that there are still, more cans of worms left to be opened.

We just resolved an issue regarding a titled land near the hydraulic power unit and the water shed. Watershed in this country are supposed to be free from private sectors or become privately owned. Apparently, one person, from DENR office, officiated the land delineation and survey years ago, to a foreign national.

What a waste of money for this foreign national whom I met weeks ago. He lost more than half of his land, as the government still has the right to claim it.

Now, as of 2011, there are about (more or less) 11 employees from DENR and its branches, all over Philippines, who got terminated or reprimanded because of corruption and red tape, similar to what I wrote here. Why 11? I think it should be 12 - or even more.