The New Baby

I recently lost my Samsung Ch@t E222 during one of my field works here in Palawan. It was a tough day, because I had to say good bye to all my contacts in that phone. Whoever got hold of my phone, I wish you luck, Universe has given you a curse already for not cooperating in returning it.

Anyway, I decided not to get the same model and the same brand. Instead, I purchased the Lenovo Q350 phone - which is a candybar QWERTY phone, with dual sim capability both on standby and has Wifi connectivity.

So far, so good - I typed better in a Samsung QWERTY phone. In time, I will type faster with this new gadget, which is very BBM in some aspects. Overall - I loved it, I like the rubbery feel when typing (I dunno how to say it properly but there is a proper term for that) and the finish. It looks solid in this picture - and its true.

I am getting another one of the same unit for my sister.