Give Some To Yourself, WILL YOU?

Your talent is worthless if you do not know how to use your gift to your advantage.

Your efforts in life will also be worthless if you don't know what respect is all about, especially in our situation.

We are strangers in this land. Please do not take advantage of this, especially if you are with the team as a student. Yes, let me remind you, that you are a student volunteer and not as a tourist who is in search of local souvenir delight, and we are responsible for you and your safety. Second, I appreciate your plan not taking me with you and a newly-hired employee of our company to satisfy your distasteful acts, as part of your plan - but let me just remind you that again, this place is a pretty small town - you are identified with the company still.

You are old enough, you should be aware of this, if you'd still insist, go on your own, if I may suggest. Better yet, do it somewhere else, not here, and not during your stay as a student volunteer. I understand the need, but choose a better location - like Manila.