The Big Sacrifice

On the way home today from the site, my new bestfriend, feels the same way I do: sick. After days of being stressed, we both got sick - as there are so many deadlines that needs to be met, plus, he is overwhelmed with our pace when it comes to work.

He wants a change, and we gave it to him.

This guy is very admirable, I must say, for the past nine years of working on-call, earning more or less $100 dollars per payday, with six kids and a wife (yes, he is wearing a stainless steel partnership ring already). He is the kind of guy every girl wants: family-oriented, firm, responsible, has initiative to do the task on hand, and has a very good sense of humor. That makes him sexy.

So, on the way home, he says he is in the stage where he is deciding whether or not to sign his contract in 5 days. I said, I am worried, for it will take another month to look for someone like him, and spend more days to train again, and another set of countless recommendations to the higher management. He is used to a simple life, and prefers spending more time with the family.

I immediately made my rebuttal to his concern: I am miles away from my family, I have a budding career back home, and I am already homesick whereas the only change he has is his nature of work, whom I will help him be trained and equipped for the job. My point is, I sacrificed so much, just to make a difference in his slow paced hometown.