Simple (Yet Meaningful) Life

It is quite a challenge living in a first class municipality anywhere in the Philippines. Saying "first class" doesn't mean the usual perks that you find in a city are all there. You are wrong.

Life in the new town I am in is slow yet simple - and I am here, broadcasting live from a place called Brooke's Point in Palawan, to make a difference in the world, and to make this city shine like a star in the next few months.

Rough start but I am looking at things in a positive way - and this project of mine, will create a big impact on Philippine Tourism under the essence of REAL eco-tourism. All will be smooth in the end!

Will update more - as long as Globe Tattoo won't suck big time, because seriously, I am ditching you for good if you don't cooperate - and I'll switch to Smart BRO which is, according to locals, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!