Not 27 For Long

I am too old to feel like a teen, but I am technically still in my youth, and I am still on the prowl for whatever the universe will give me: taste the remaining 60 food items I haven't tasted (out of a 150 on an online list), create a dish that will make my family proud - most especially my late grandmother, learn all the necessary management skills I need before I reach 35 years old, add more culinary skills under my name whether in Switzerland or Australia, stay for an hour between the border of US and Canada right in Niagara Falls or at the Manhattan Bridge at night, walk the streets of Paris and New York, dine in Lyon, party with the people of Manchester in Canal Street, cook for the Royal Family, brush elbows with the President of the United States, and continuously promote world peace by doing the things I know best.

Of course, I still want to stage my own concert, where all of my friends, from all walks of life, will be there to celebrate with me.

After watching the eight episode of Glee's Season 3, I realized that I am no longer the stronger teen that I used to be, but I am wiser now - so wise I can bend metals just using my mind.

I am right now, talking to you, the Universe. Yes, you - the one responsible for making my dreams the during the past year come true. You gave me a glimpse of how success should smell and taste like, and I intend to get more in the future. I will forever express my gratitude to you, the Universe, and I believe you will not get tired of listening to all of my thanks and additional set of things I wanted to achieve this year, and the coming years.

For now, I will focus with what you have given me days ago - I am very excited to do this for your close relative, our Mother Earth. I think it is a good thing, because before I taste that international success, I must focus locally first.

Dear Universe, you know my intentions, and you know how sincere I am - because I intend to do this right, and I intend to set the standards my country needs to know.

My arms are not wide enough to hug you Universe - but still, my hugs, kisses, and thanks goes to you!