Anxiety Attack

As much as I want not to think about my future at this time, I still can't help but think of the things I need to do for the next few months.

I successfully graduated with honors last year, and with that success comes a greater responsibility. I am so eager to work at the soonest possible time and tomorrow, I will conquer the far south of Greater Manila Area to try my luck for an interview. It is still blurry though, because I am not sure how I will survive travelling for more than 4 hours everyday just to work in this exclusive country club.

Also within this month, I am going to fix my papers for possible work abroad.

I don't want to bum around for the next few weeks anymore, I've had enough of it. I need to move around or else there will be more fat deposits in my gut due to inactivity.

Lord, you know what I want to achieve this year, starting tomorrow, please guide me.