Kenny Rogers Healthy Meals - Yeah Right

I recently had an apparently "lite" dinner at Kenny Rogers Roasters last night at Sta Lucia East Grand Mall. As a food conscious person myself, I opt to eat here because of their healthier food options, which is true, it is better than anything else that is available in this mall.

I was only surprised to know what is in their lite iced tea that comes with the meal. I was expecting a less intrusive iced tea, but no I got a glass of tongue-tingling drink full of so much sugar. I know the difference between a drink that is artificially sweetened and sweetened by sugar. I can tell what I had last night was pure sugar.

I clarified with the service, and I spoke to the waiter first. She told me that it is the regular iced tea, and not a lite variety. I was shocked to know that, so I talked to the manager. The manager told me that it is an iced tea with less sugar, so meaning it is sugar, only less than the usual, and not an artificially sweetened one. The drink I had last night was VERY SWEET, it is as sweet as the REGULAR ICED TEA.

And there goes the technicalities behind the "lite iced tea" they are offering the public. I told them to be clear about the lite iced tea they are serving, a light variant of iced tea uses artificial sweeteners, and not real sugar. I told the manager to clarify it with their commissary - or they will continue fooling the public, especially the health conscious ones.