Moves Like Jagger - Great LSS track


When I stepped foot in Canada last month, I was relieved when I heard this new track from Maroon 5 called "Moves Like Jagger". From the 20 hour travel and during the flight, the in-flight music was loaded with Adele songs which made me feel a bit sick from over listening. I like Adele and her song "Rolling in the Deep" but it is a track not worthy of over playing.

Anyway, this song I mentioned in the blog title is worthy of over playing and the beat does not make feel tired from listening to it. That is one of the qualities Maroon 5 has shown over the years since "Harder to Breathe". Now the song is a smash hit in North America.

Now that "Jagger" is out again through this song, I bet every young generation who doesn't know who Mick Jagger is will definitely Google about him.

Thanks Maroon 5, and thanks Adam for being half naked in the song's music video - that is the perfect rock star body. See it after the jump!