The Big Overhaul


At last I am home - but I left my heart in Canada, a country full of reachable dreams.

This is probably one of the reasons why I got so attached to my recent trip its hard to move on and stick to reality, especially that right now, the weather has been terribly depressing for most of us.

This recent trip made me realize a lot of things which is why I am taking more baby steps to finish my course at the soonest possible time - and that is about 6 weeks and manage my knowledge in culinary arts, as some of the things I know has become obsolete. One of the things that made me mad is that sometimes, in the span of 30 days in Canada, there were a few moments where I felt like an unappreciated dumb blonde in the industry - and that I don't want to happen again.

The recent trip has a lot of good sides to it, one of which is the experience of working in three different kitchens in a foreign land. One of the baby steps I am talking about is the resume, which needs immediate update.

I'm ready for the overhaul - because I will be coming back to Alberta.