Still Not Sinking In

Its now Day 2 here in sunny-yet-still-chilly-at-night Edmonton in Canada. I love how the people here care about each other even if you don't know them and how motorists respect the pedestrian people (like myself coz I walk a lot since I got here). These are some of the things I appreciated so far - wish we can be like this back home.

Today we went around the vicinity and we were introduced to the chefs a day before we start our kitchen work here as an apprentice. I am a bit excited and a bit nervous at the same time - as we will have a big Sunday Brunch on our first day.

Just to let everyone know that I am going back on the 30th of July and I wish to come back here sometime in the near future. Canada is definitely on my list.

So far, the best summer I've experienced anywhere else in the world :)