Last night I had the best dinner experience at the Manor Casual Bistro in Jasper Avenue in downtown Edmonton. So far, it was my first best dinner I ever had since I stepped foot in Canada.

The ambience was awesome - the restaurant has two floors. It is actually a house built in the 1920's complete with an English inspired garden for those who want to dine al fresco style.

The service was also very good. You can easily tell they know what they serve by heart. The server last night was really hot - inside and outside. By the way he speaks, you can tell he is well-educated and sophisticated. He really made my dining experience unforgettable. He also speaks French very well.

On my 20th day in Canada, I suddenly realized one thing, on the few hours we stayed there at the Manor, that he is the type of person I am looking for. He is very rare. It was a dinner combined with several small glances at each other while doing his service to us. It felt like it was taboo, and it was thrilling.

I have 8 days remaining before I head back to my home land, and I am thinking of going back to wine and dine at that beautiful place, and see him for the last time.