An Open Letter to Futuretainment Inc and MMI Productions

Dear You,

The concert I've been to last night (Maroon 5 at SMX) was by far the worst concert experience of my life. First of all, thank you for bringing Maroon 5 to the Philippines. My sister and I are big fans of this multi-awarded and talented group - that is why, we paid you a considerable amount of money for two tickets from the Silver Section which is a STANDING ROOM ONLY.

We understand that the GOLD B in front of us are much more privileged than us, because they have seats.

Upon entering I was welcomed by your arrogant security people. We understand their job - to keep everyone safe and keep everything under control, but the arrogance showed by one of them was totally uncalled for. Lucky for him, I was calm enough to handle our little situation because the long line itself made me in full rage.

Going back to the situation inside the concert area which was poorly planned based on my standards. What's up with the big post in between? C'mon, SMX Convention Center is not a proper concert venue. Its long and its flat - I thought to myself, Araneta Center would have been better. Since the venue is long and flat, I understand that the people way past GOLD Sections might get to watch the concert on the screen.

My sister and I arrived 4 hours early to get to the barriers in the SILVER Section first - but the GREEDY PEOPLE from GOLD B stood up on their seats which of course, frustrated us. The video below is a sample of our view last night, we could have watched a Maroon 5 concert on DVD:

These little monkeys from GOLD B don't know how to use the chair, these guys are supposed to sit down. My sister was too small she can't even see the screens. I felt bad for her the whole night I almost cried. I felt that we were not able to get our money's worth. What is the point of watching a live concert on the screens? We could have seen Maroon 5 from our area prancing around the stage but no, GOLD B stood up on their seats! Worst, the security personnel and the bouncers didn't even try to control the situation, they focused on us at the SILVER area - because we are so close to making a scene. My point, I don't want spending money just to watch a concert from the screen, again, WE CAN SEE THE STAGE FROM OUR POINT earlier that night, but GOLD B people, that was something else.

To you people at GOLD B (I don't care who you guys are) - you are a bunch of typical greedy Filipinos. Change your acts.

To Futuretainment Inc and MMI Live - you need to fix these things on your future projects. We concert goers should get what is deserved of the money we paid you for those tickets. And please get better bouncers and security people, they could have controlled those privileged monkeys in GOLD B last night. Excuse me for my rage.

To my sister, we will watch your idols again, this time, we will aim for the VIP tickets, anywhere in the world. I am so sorry you had to stand up all night, just listening to your favorite band, Maroon 5.