An Outburst: The New Willie Revillame Controversy

Its been weeks since Janjan amused the viewers of Willing Willie on TV5 - and now the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and MTRCB condemned it to the point of the big advertisers of this show pulled out their endorsements. Now we have the Facebook Campaign of ousting Mr. Willie Revillame permanently off the face of Philippine Showbiz. As of this time, it is nearing 14,000 likes.

This must be the price he has to pay for bashing his "bashers" off Twitter. You should watch his speech here in its entirety.

Is it right that you bash the likes of Jim Paredes, Agot Isidro, and Lea Salonga - the educated ones who only gave their opinion about your show's mishap? You are the face of your show, you have the biggest responsibility. Like you giving out your sentiments last night, its also their right to democracy to air theirs over Twitter.

"To give and not to count" - Willie, you should learn that.