I Expected Too Much: Review of Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Ribs, Steaks & Oysters at Resorts World Manila


April 6, 2011. It was my first time to eat in a restaurant that caters to people with taste for New Orleans Cuisine. I was expecting good and hearty dishes – as I consider cuisine form New Orleans as comfort food. Last night, I was disappointed.

Murray's New Orleans Bourbon Street Steaks and Oysters are located in the 2nd floor of Resorts World Manila in Pasay City. As I’ve researched on the internet they have been restaurant for a few years now, they only moved to an upscale and grander location. Do not quote me on this – I only read it somewhere days ago.

We were welcomed by the service crew of New Orleans, in a way similar to the service of TGI Fridays. They are indeed accommodating – but not consistent, maybe because 15 minutes later the place became full of people they became too busy. It gave me an idea that this is indeed a good restaurant where people go and eat good food. I was wrong.

The complimentary bread came first – it was a bit warm, served with butter. Things became more exciting when they served Buffalo Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing. The flavor was okay, I believe there was too much Tabasco sauce in it if you eat it without the dressing – it is always a match.

My tongue became very sensitive because of the spiciness of the previous dish, thus discovering something bad with the Fried Calamares (and other random seafood items, like shrimp and fish fillet cubes in breading). You can easily tell that it has been soaked in batter for a long time, and then minutes later they served the Seafood Jambalaya with an imbalance in its taste due to too much thyme. You can literally bite the dried thyme.

I had a bad experience in eating oysters, I only ate one piece of their signature Oyster Rockefeller – and it was okay basing on the taste and texture.

The next food items served are all disappointing – it could have been delicious if they cooked these items the right way. First, the Murray’s Rib Steaks (I believe it was – I asked the waiter twice, but he doesn’t know what he is serving us) – I could’ve enjoyed it if it was not grilled to death. It was very dry and the sauce charred so badly, as if you are eating charcoal. Even the coleslaw on the side was not well-seasoned and the rice served with the ribs is likewise. The beef stew was good – but the taste is too Filipino for me, just like a Mechado.

Before the end of every meal, desserts always makes a lasting impression – and New Orleans’ Vanilla-Topped Mud pie and Sweet Beignets did just that. I was frustrated.

For the mud pie, the only thing good in there is the vanilla ice cream. In fairness to the kitchen, they served it warm (to melt the marshmallows on top); however, it was dry as a biscuit on the inside. It is painful on the tongue. The beignets were served warm as well; however it is nothing memorable as the first one. Just a chewy piece of dough drizzled with chocolate and powdered sugar.

To summarize the food served last night, most of them are under seasoned, the kitchen’s cooking ability and method is in question as well – I do not know how they cooked the dry ribs and the chocolate mud pie, and there are some imbalances in flavors, like the Jambalaya for instance – it was pure disappointment, your kitchen staff and service must be made aware of this. 

As of today, April 8, 2011 - I am still recuperating from a chronic diarrhea hours after my dinner at this place. It must be the seafood I ate, could be the calamares or the oysters.