Dinner at Matsuri

My dinner at Matsuri last night is neither memorable nor forgettable. I had a great time because of all the 11 dishes I sampled; it somehow met my standards of Japanese Cuisine. I had a chance to work in a Japanese Restaurant during my practicum at the Baguio Country Club in an establishment called “Hamada” – and a few of Matsuri’s dishes served that night are comparable to theirs when it comes to quality and taste.

Every Japanese restaurant opens its meal with a serving of Miso Soup – the soup itself is okay but the tofu left a sour after taste, probably it has been prepped into cubes a day before or it could be a production defect by the manufacturer.

The next item served was the Tuna Tataki Salad. This is the first time that I was served a salad using lettuce instead of shredded cabbages in a Japanese establishment. To me, lettuce is part of the Western food world. This dish gave an idea that the next food items will be either a traditional one or a fusion of two different tastes from any influence other than Japanese. The sesame oil in the salad gave a certain balance to the whole dish which, in my opinion, one of the best salad I’ve tasted. It was fresh and tasty.

My intuition was right, the Salmon Pomodoro proved to be non-traditional and fusion cuisine inspired but it felt great to the palate. Same thing, all of the ingredients used were fresh and the taste is well-balanced. The next three items served made a lasting impression – like the simplicity of the Aspara Bacon in Teriyaki Sauce and the Tori Chiisu Maki. The Mixed Maki Moriawase also proved the same thing.

The Kamameshi Rice combined the sweetness of the potato and garden flavors from the vegetables used – all served steaming in a wooden box bowl. Ebi Tempura and the Matsuri Steak Teppanyaki were under seasoned but its doneness was quite impressive. It took a little bit of soy sauce to actually enjoy its taste even if I do not usually eat these things with soy sauce. I am not a big fan of soy sauce.

The two desserts to close the dinner, Cr̬me Brulee and Tapioca Coconut Sorbet were not memorable at all but it served its purpose Рto cleanse our tired palates.

I am definitely coming back to Matsuri because the service was okay compared to the last ALP we had, and some of the food items on their menu never failed to surprise me. When I say “service” was okay, I meant it needs improvement and when I come back for their Tofu Steaks or the Spicy Salmon,  I hope they have improved.

Still, the Hamada Restaurant in Baguio is still a number choice for me, but whenever I need a different kind of Japanese food fix, Matsuri is the place to go. 

Matsuri is located at 233 Tomas Morato extension corner E. Lopez Street
Quezon City (near the ABS-CBN compound)
Tel. No. 376-6351-52