Outsourced - A New TV Favorite!

Its been a year since I left the call center industry - and right now the memories keep haunting me in a very funny way. I am currently addicted to the TV series called "Outsourced" - as it is temptingly hilarious. Others may find this show offensive and racist but the script and the screenplay is written in a tasteful way.

The plot is set in an Indian call center, where Mid America Novelties has been outsourced there - along with its cute lead actor Ben Rappaport, who plays the manager. The rest of the Indian actors playing contact center representatives are all interesting to watch, as Indian culture and American culture clash in a funny way!

By the way, isn't Ben Rappaport cute? He is the hottest call center manager I ever seen in my life - geekishly boy-next-door type gut I must say.