I Survived

I hate this week. My right to have a weekend has been taken away by a school activity in which I have really no plans of doing nor joining.

I've always been active in school especially in Culinary Arts school except for one thing - joining the elite team of student chefs for competition.

A week ago, I decided to (or was pushed) to join them so I said yes to their try outs. Little did I know that this will happen today, on a very precious weekend. So I had to cram for the written tests and the laboratory skills exam. Surprisingly, I survived. I didn't expect that all the information I learned in a year and two months time are still fresh in my memory.

Today, I proved that I really love my craft. Now, I will wait for their decision to accept me or not.

I really don't mind, whatever happens, I am in a happy state at the moment.