So You're Engaged (And I'm Not)

Take this as a "bitter post" of mine, but who cares - THIS IS MY BLOG.

I recently attended a reunion, like a few hours ago. Everyone was surprised at how I managed to stay fit and active. Mind you, some of the people I talked with earlier used to tease me for being one of the fattest teens when we were younger. 8 years later, I am now one of the sexiest persons in the group - and that is an achievement LOL.

Now, one of the people in the group, two actually, stole my thunder. They showed off their cubic zirconia engagement rings. So now they're engaged. So what? I was hurt in some way, because after all these years of staying fit (and sexy), I am still single. Most of my batch mates were either married with kids, or in a very happy relationship for years.

Its been four years since my last relationship ended. I am turning 27 this year - and most of my friends up North thinks I am slowly turning into a spinster.

Come what may.