My Favorite Cinderella Story

I am sure everyone here knows the story of a girl named "Cinderella". Anyone who passes childhood will definitely encounter her story, either through a storybook or the Disney version of the movie. I liked the animated feature when I was a kid, until 1998, 20th Century Fox produced a version similar to the story - only this time it was portrayed in a different way.

I became a fan of Drew Barrymore since I saw her film with Adam Sandler in "The Wedding Singer" - since then she appeared in several films like "Never Been Kissed", "Scream", and my topic in this post, "Ever After" - with Dougray Scott and Angelica Houston.

The film was very well-crafted to the point that you will think that the story of Cinderella indeed happened in real life. This is why, it is my favorite Cinderella story  of all time. It is a very special channel) aired it after more than 10 years since its release.

Yesterday, I passed by a video store and saw a copy of the movie on sale - for less than $2. It is the best two dollars I spent this week.

I am so watching this film this weekend, again, after so many years (I've seen this film when I was still in 2nd year high school!). Definitely something to look forward to!