A Model's Diet

I was hooked on this Danica Hype still (the winner of Ford Models' Supermodel of the World 2010) so I looked up the internet to see more photos of her during the event. To my dismay only one photo as of press time existed - by Ford Models Twitpic, captured by a Blackberry phone.

Photo shows Danica along with the runners up from Poland and Lituania. This picture makes me feel proud of my color, I so love my skin color, as my foreign friends would say, I would stand out in their country and be the envy of every person who wants a tan, a permanent tan!

Even though only one picture of Danica existed after her winning the crown, I was ecstatic to see more photos from Ford, one of them I consider priceless: a typical model's breakfast.

Should I eat the same thing now and become a Supermodel myself? I can imagine myself wearing fabulous ties and haute coutures, walking and strutting that model figure on the cat walk. Well, this is an inspiration enough for me to get back in shape!