Lost 10 Pounds - and keeping it that way!

Yes - the 10 pounds I've shed has somehow did not came back as expected. We are all under the mercy of gaining more weight after the holidays - from endless parties, drinking sprees, and binging on fatty and rich foods - yes, you are surely a candidate for weight gain.

I would like to say thanks to my cousin, who was on a vacation here in the country for three weeks, and despite the fact that he is on a holiday, his presence worked like a natural appetite suppressant - why? I was always busy going to places with him plus, his drive to burn more fat and gaining muscle has motivated me in a big way. Now that he's back to his home country, I still have the momentum to go to the gym at least twice or thrice a week!

I am seeing results, and I am choosing not to stop doing it. Hopefully, I'd like to shed 10 pounds more this next two months!