8 Days Clean (Sort Of)


I made it to the 8th day of not smoking a single cigarette! I was actually proud of it, so proud I posted the good news in my Facebook status message recently. Well, some of my friends are actually quite worried in quitting the bad habit too fast because I will get sick if I do not quit gradually. Well, yeah, I am getting a bit sick because my body is looking for the nicotine. Second, my lungs are expelling out so much phlegm which means my body is getting rid of all the toxins, which is a good thing and at the same time makes me sick. One of my friends sent me a good luck message yesterday and he is actually looking at the possibility of quitting - he will quit unless he gets a box of don pepin cigars as his last pack of cigarettes.

Well, splurging on cigars before quitting might do the trick.