I Wonder (Christmas Edition)

I am a bum - and will be a bum for the next three days. Exciting yet I am running out of ideas on what to do. I have all the time in my hands yet I don't or I have limited means of using this precious time to do stuff. I might visit the gym tomorrow and shed a few water weight off me. This time is perfect because some of the younger generation who patronizes the gym are either still busy having classes or busy studying for the exams before the Christmas break (which is quite normal in our curriculum at this time of the year), or probably, at around 7:30 AM tomorrow morning, the time I specified for myself to go to the gym, a few gym rats have their eyes glued on their respective exam tables thinking on what to answer on their test questions.

What else? What else?

Clean the room, fix the beds, clean the yard, and do my portfolio. Eureka!