I Want The Seth Rogen Diet!

I know its been years since I lost those extra weight and now, I am stucked at 165 pounds. I seriously want to lose more and be back to my 150 pound weight. December is here and for sure there will be loads of parties and engagements to attend.

Today, I've seen Seth Rogen. Well, I really don't know him but when my sister reminded me of the movie "Funny People" with Adam Sandler, I was shocked! He looked like a total different person now. Apparently, according to some sources, he did the 5 factor diet (5 meals a day, 5 ingredients per recipe, 5 minute preparation) - and now I am going to try this diet plan to hopefully lose 5 pounds by the end of the month.

I lost 10 pounds so far, so I need more good "luck"!