Day Off's Maid

I am writing this blogpost to finally and completely let go of my frustrations over the past few days, and hopefully the "stalker" will see this and realize what a future she has on this guy. I am telling you now, "stalker" - he is all yours. I am terribly happy for your future.

I've been doing household chores and busting my ass off to juggle practicums, getting up early in the morning and prepare breakfast, do the laundry when I get home (except for ironing the clothes for the first and second day but earlier tonight, I did ironing by myself), cook dinner, clean the dishes, and sleep late in the evening.

What does your boyfriend/previous kryptonite of mine does everyday? Well, he gets up 1 hour after I prepared the breakfast and eat, do the practicums, get home and watch anime, sleep a bit, then wake up after the noon nap to eat dinner, watch more anime and lay down in bed and TALK to you because eventually his whole world revolves around you! Okay, I get that and  I tattooed that truth on my mind like a month ago.

I was wondering if he is just plain insensitive of the people around him, I mean c'mon, the only thing I asked of him was to somehow create camaraderie with us, not just me, but my family, most especially my step dad. I guess there is nothing with that. But no, he is just inside our room, either watch online streaming anime videos, do FB, sleep and make his balls bigger, or again, sweet TALK with you.

All I am asking for is his comradeship at home or "pakikisama" - because apparently he doesn't have that at all.

Please tell him I AM NOT HIS MAID. I am not forcing him to do household chores with me but at least show some effort and awareness.