Playful Fate

I recently won over my feelings, but God is somehow getting really playful on my sad sad fate.

I successfully entered practicums in a famous country club up north. Together with my special friend, we completed our requirements in order for us to start officially next week.

But then there was a roadblock. It wasn't mine but his. I will not tell what it is but it is a life-changing thing for him which requires him to get medical help so he can be saved from possible discrimination in the food service world.

Like him, I was devastated when we learned of that. He handled the situation very well in the first two days and yet we still managed to get a second opinion about his recent health condition. The second opinion was a concrete confirmation last Sunday. It was one of the saddest days of the year. I wonder how it feels like to be in his shoes.

I already won over my feelings, but now, it is different. I have developed this strong urge to help and cheer him up. This thing in me is way different from before. It has taught me to be strong for this person, so that he may overcome his situation.

For now, we'll still push through with the practicums - and hopefully stay fit and healthy in the next 2 months, probably spend more days exercising and lifting weights in the gym, until he gets well.